Typhoon Fogger reFresh

Professional air purification

Typhoon Fogger reFresh

Professional air purification - quiet and energy-saving

Get clean air indoors

Coronavirus is transmitted primarily indoors. With the Typhoon Fogger reFresh, you can feel safer than just ventilating.

With an air circulation volume of 1,200m³ per hour and a CADR value of 750m³, you can provide clean air in a floor area of 100-150m². At the same time, the Typhoon Fogger reFresh is particularly quiet: at the lowest filter level, it is only 25db loud.

Typhoon Fogger reFresh

Areas of application of the Typhoon Fogger reFresh S and L room air purifiers

The Typhoon Fogger reFresh is ideal for places such as schools, kindergartens, hotels, public facilities, stores, restaurants, doctors' offices, and other medical facilities, massage parlors, gyms and offices.

All that is needed is a standard electrical plug - the Typhoon Fogger reFresh provides safety wherever people are indoors.

3 years warranty for schools, day-care centers and communities

Advantages in practice

  • "Plug & Play" - set up, plug in, switch on, done. Room filtration independent of existing air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Very effective and thorough due to 4-fold filter (pre-filter, Activated carbon filter, HEPA-13 and UV filter)
  • Environmentally friendly: Fully automatic, low-maintenance round-the-clock operation with 3-year warranty for municipalities, schools and day-care centers
  • Resource-saving: 100% environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no installation required
  • Flexible placement: thanks to its cube-shaped dimensions and lockable castors, the Typhoon Fogger reFreshs S and L are always ready for use wherever they are needed.
  • Air purification and virus filtering in zones with high public traffic or densely populated occupied zones (fine aerosols containing infectious viruses such as SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 or influenza are filtered out with the reFresh)
  • Air pollution control, virus and fine dust filtering in work zones with increased fine dust pollution "Clean-Zones-Areas": Establish safe occupied and work zones with virus-free filtered breathing air - individually dimensioned according to the number of devices and persons as well as the set air exchange rate.

Technical data for the Typhoon Fooger reFresh S:

  • Capacity: 810 m³/h - 40-60 m2 - (CADR 513)
  • Volume: Whisper quiet mode with only 33db
  • Power consumption: 68w
  • System voltage: 220Volt
  • Filters: pre-filter, activated carbon filter, hepa filter, UV sterilization
  • Monitoring: 2.5 μg/m³
  • 3 color display: blue - good air quality, purple - medium air quality, red - poor air quality)
  • Size: 320*320*660mm
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Control: via touch interface, remote control or via WIFI

Technische Daten zum Typhoon Fogger reFresh L:

  • Capacity: 1.200m³/h - 100-150m2 - (CADR750)
  • Volume <65 db (4 speeds) whisper quiet mode with only 33db
  • Power consumption: 145w (220 W with UV)
  • System voltage: 220Volt
  • Filters: pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA 13 filter, UV filter with sterilization
  • Size: 400*390*950mm
  • Mode: intelligent mode (room air monitoring by laser), standard mode (speed 1-4), sleep mode, whisper quiet mode <35 db
  • Monitoring: 2.5 μg/m³
  • Color display: blue - very good air quality, purple - good air quality, dark purple - medium air quality, red - poor air quality).
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Control: via touch interface, remote control or via WIFI
  • Other: child lock, lighting, timer, air humidification

General operating principle

A room air purifier draws in ambient air through a fan that is as large as possible and directs it into the interior of the air purifier. The larger a fan is, the slower it can rotate to move the largest amount of air possible. The low speed of rotation benefits the noise level.

Inside the room air purifier, the air that is sucked in passes through 4 filters. Each filter has a specific purpose and cleans the air from certain pollutants.

While the majority of air purifiers use mechanical filters, high-quality models such as the reFresh offer additional purification by ionizing the air. After the air has passed through all the filters, it is cleanly discharged back into the room via an outlet. Our motto is: "Fresh air for smart minds“.